Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oklahoma here we come !!!

WOW what a weekend !!! Our first BIG roadtrip, well actually only 450 miles, but that seems big to me. We went for a cousins wedding and were looking forward to a small family reunion. It worked out perfectly and I think the kids kind of liked all the hotel pools. I'm sure that is what they will remember mostly, oh and their cousin Ms. M. She is a party animal, full of something all the time. Her energy and zeal for things are enough to inspire anyone. Here are a few pictures from our visit :

I would like to deny this but DQ is always the first stop on any road trip.

Little Mama enjoyed her dip cone very much.......

The Rhino felt totally at peace with his ice cream......

and last but not least Little Man ate so quickly I only got one picture of him and his treat.....

The rehearsal dinner was great fun. It makes me really want to move out to the country. The kids had a ball running free in such a big open space that wasn't a park. They look all pink and outdoorsy, I love it.

Little Mans first attempt at Boccie Ball....

"Where did that ball go????"

I want to feel and look like this.......

or this.......

or even this, although I'd probably end up with a really bad neck ache.

This is our little cousin Ms. M. . Little Mama completely fell head over heals for this beautiful little girl and I think she was more than happy to be big sister like for a while.

This is the memorial marking the Murrah Federal building in Oklahoma City . It was an amazing memorial to all those that lost their lives in the bombings that took place here in 1995. Each chair represents a life lost, all 168 lives.

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