Sunday, May 10, 2009

This Could Be Gross

So lunch in our house is always an experience. I always thought I had taught them, at least somewhat, about manners and using them. I'm not sure what happens when they get home, maybe they just feel so comfortable that they can actually let loose. Well I know what happens when I'm not actually at the table with them :

This happens.......

and this happens....

The Little Man was asleep during lunch so I can only imagine how things would/could have degenerated. I know that my children can do better, I have seen them. I have been to their kindergarten classroom and seen how they place their napkins in their laps and have polite conversation with the other child or two at their table. WHAT HAPPENS IN MY HOUSE ???? I'm also always amazed at the carnage that is left on the table after a simple meal. I won't show you that.

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