Wednesday, August 11, 2010

214/365 Old/New

214/365 Old/New

So one more little heartbreak, I don't know why I am so sentimental like this. Little Man is growing so fast and he has successfully shown his belly button all summer so I decided it's unavoidable, I have to buy him some new  t-shirts. Also some of these shirts were big brothers, that makes it doubly hard !!!
These are the old, see Sharkys surf shop was also worn by The Rhino.

Here are the new, I think I'm already falling for these shirts, they just look so much like Little Man.
Here's to many new and wonderful memories in these t-shirts!

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  1. Hey- just an idea- I have been saving all of my favorite t shirts of Cash's and I am going to cut them out to make a quilt. I say I am going to do this but we will see when. Of course my mother in law gave me the idea and she quilts so I may have some help. You have some really cute T shirts that would make one fine and soft blanket- consider it!! Keep me posted on that one!



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