Wednesday, August 25, 2010

229/365 Time For A Different POV

229/365 Time For A Different POV

So I would like to say that I'm almost sick of looking at my kids faces both in person and on the screen but today they are all so truely beautiful. I mean I'm looking at them thinking could they possibly have come from me and Rob, maybe it's that theory that ugly people have beautiful kids ?  Although I never actually thought of me or Rob as ugly, I mean we aren't winning any Mr. Universe or Mrs. America pageants but we aren't the bottom of the barrel either. Anyway so thinking along these lines I realized what a rut I am in in terms of pictures. I think I forgot that there is a subject other than my kids to photograph. So for the next couple of weeks I'm focusing on the everyday things around me, then maybe I won't be so tired of looking at my kids beautiful faces. 

This is the silver pattern my parents got when they got married in the late 60's.
I have not a clue what it's called but it seems so modern for the parents that I know.

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