Wednesday, August 18, 2010

220/365 The Beach

220/365 The Beach

I have so much to say about this vacation. It has been so great and so fun to watch the kids play on the beach and swim so freely in the ocean. They love the waves and the sand and they love to boogie board and well, they love everything about it. 

Now I'm not complaining but I would like to just say I am so tired. All the sun and the sand and the spraying of sunscreen and the changing of clothes and washing of towels and showering and hauling and loading and unloading and cleaning and then there is the walking in the sand and the actual swimming and the heat, heaven have mercy the heat. It's not so bad in the shade but in the sun it's a killer. We will do this again, hopefully once a year and next year I'll be prepared. I do love this and I love that the kids love it and they are so happy and their faces are sun kissed and they are soooo exhausted !!! By the way this picture is SOOC! 

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