Sunday, August 15, 2010

216/365 Road Trip

216/365 Road Trip
Anyone who has ever been on a true Southern American road trip has stopped at one of 2 places, either Cracker Barrel or The Waffle House. Now neither of these really blows my skirt up but they are sometimes the only options when you are in the middle of Louisianna with no idea what's ok to eat at and what's not.
The trditional game played at Cracker Barrel, I guess they figure well I don;t really know what they figure....

And then The Waffle House which is on every corner literally for 600 miles !!!
I'm not a fan or actually seeing into the kitchen, I'm one of those rather not know kind of people, but here at The Waffle House there are no secrets, about anyone, at all, period.....
Great waffles !!!

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