Monday, October 11, 2010

278/365 Life Lessons

278/365 LIfe Lessons

This week it was about how you can think you know someone really well and wake up one day to find out, really you can't even fathom who they are. It happened to me and I am still grieving the loss of that relationship. Really it had been over for a while but it came to a closing point, thank heavens. 
The power of a mind, I know I can talk myself into an extra scoop of ice cream not matter what. 
So I think, should it come as even an inkling of a surprise that others can talk themselves into things? 

Also I had a question, feel free to answer please. 
If you express concern for the path someone's life is taking, does that mean you are placing judgement on them? If so how do you express concern without making them feel like you are judging them? 

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