Thursday, October 21, 2010

283/365 A Santa Question

283/365 A Santa Question

So I think I'm feeling very quiet lately, kind of uninspired.
So today I forced myself to get the camera and get down on the floor with the kids, plus the light in 
our upstairs room is so great at this time of day.
These are some of the things that came out of our playing around.

Little Mama let me brush and braid her hair, that's kind of a miracle in so many ways.
I think she looks so great with it pulled back, wait I think I heard that my whole life too.

She did ask me a question I was fairly unprepared to answer at dinner.
She said " Mom how come Santa didn't come to those girls in Annie ?". She was talking about
the movie Annie and how come Santa didn't come to any of the orphans. I had no idea how to respond.
My standard answer of "if you believe he will come" wasn't exactly appropriate. 

Anyway fun times !!! Very fun times !!!

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