Thursday, October 28, 2010

287&288/365 B&C.....

287&288/365 B&C......

Big day, very big day for me and for my friends Dayna and Nic and for their new baby.
I tried to post my B's yesterday but my computer crashed. I have no room left and am scrambling to figure out what to do. Anyway yesterday was the day for letter B. Here is what I came up with.
At the car wash they had lots of bubbles, which by the way smelled alot like bubble gum.
The kids love going through the car wash.

Really I love the car wash too except when it's BROKEN like this at the end. I then get to show off my reverse skills trying to back the big silver beast out. 

Then there is my book for book club. I have a Kindle and am loving it so it's been a while since I have actually had to read a real book. I'm hoping to learn some things from this one.

Blue also came yesterday. The kids worked hard putting new batteries in all the decorations, aren't I lucky. This one ended up being part of the centerpiece at dinner. They loved eating in the dark.

 And last but not least BOYS. This is meal time at our house, lovely huh!

And as for C.....
Child, I'd loved to have included this yesterday for baby but it happened today, around 11:5@ this morning and it was the first time I had ever actually seen a baby come into this world. It was amazing and I felt completely honored and blessed to have been there to experience this. Thanks guys.
On top of all that this little girl came out perfect and I hope and pray that she is nice to her parents. 

I'm praying for mom and dad to both have a speedy recovery from this most beautiful glorious experience. 


  1. Well.... Look at you fancy pants! Cool that you could be there to capture baby J.

  2. Wow...what an incredible experience that must've been! I'm sure you were able to give them some wonderful captures for them to treasure forever. :)



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