Friday, October 22, 2010

284/365 Friday Night Book Review

284/365 Friday Night Book Review
So this year I decided to do the Scholastic books for Little Man's classroom. He is in Pre-Pre School and 
they haven't ever offered scholastic before.
After getting the books in the mail I remembered why I love them so much.
These are all old books that I ordered several years ago and found during our major book clean out.
This one I love simply because of the cover, I mean I want to dance that freely and without any reservation.
Along with wishing my legs and body were that long and skinny, in general it's just a great message in this book.

Who wouldn't love to see a moose with a mustache, much less one like this.
There is a whole series of these books which include his wife and some little moose kids, so cute.

And last but not least Big Bad Bunny. The tag line in this book is "Big Bad Bunny coming to get your money. It's about this big bad bunny that steals everyones money and stuff. Eventually he has to return the things because it's no cool to steal and he learns his lesson but really I just like it because I get to walk around saying "big bad bunny I'm here to steal your money". It's just fun. 

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