Sunday, October 17, 2010

280/365 I Love It

280/365 I Love It

We went camping this weekend, with the Cub Scouts. I loved it. It reminded me of all those reasons that I love to go camping. I giggled like a little kid when it was time to go to bed and it was just Rob and me in the tent. The whole thing brought back such great memories. I love how my skin feels kind of raw or wind burnt from bring outside for so long. I love how I got so dirty, not smelly just dirty, and it just felt so clean. It's like getting past the "dirty" point frees the spirit to get into things fully. I loved the dark and using a flashlight, I mean how much fun is that. I love how quiet it is, ok well this happened to be just next to an interstate so really not that quiet. I love how dirty the kids got and then when we got home, before we had a bath Little Mama changed her clothes and declared herself clean !!! I loved that the whole family was a little sad to pack up and leave the campground this morning, it means we will go again.

It was like the Griswalds packing up, you should have seen us trying to pack 4 bikes on this 5 bike rack. Finally we got them all secured only to find the car battery dead from leaving all the doors open during the 2 hour packing process.

When we got there we set up camp. This is actually from the following day because we had to set our tents and stuff up in the dark, bad bad bad.

But after a long battle in the dark we got all set up and found this fire. We joined write in for some somores and where my brother was making a loaf of sourdough bread in a dutch oven. So much fun to watch and try.

Playing around camp a little.

It's been a long time since I caught a picture of these 2 together. They are only 6 weeks apart, I always think about them when they were just babies .

The Rhino was trying to earn his wittling chip badge so he can carry a pocket knife. It brings tears to a mothers heart, or is that sweat to a mothers palms to think about this.

Goodbye camp Strake, we will miss you, until next time.
It's like saying goodbye to an old lover, did I just say that??? I'm felling very dramatic.

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  1. What a fun thing to do...I love camping, but hubby hates it; guess I'll have to bring the kids on my own at some point! ;D



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