Monday, July 13, 2009

Death By ......

I'm not sure what happened to this guy but something is seriously wrong with him. During the move I think maybe he got dropped or stepped on or thrown or plopped on or sat on. Who knows, oh wait maybe he met this guys soon to be fate.

Could it be that the smell of a dirty pair of underwear could be the answer to the entire saga of Star Wars. Well I don't know but I'm sure feeling like it's going to do me in. After moving some of the kids stuff up to their new bedrooms over the weekend, the things that I have seen shoved under the beds is shocking to put it lightly. I pulled out, I kid you not, no less than 10 pairs of underpants from Little Mama's bed. I don't know what the status was on if they had been worn or not but frankly I don't care. I was just thinking how little underwear she had and that I guess it was time to get her some more. Little did I know she's an underwear hoarder !!! On the other hand The Rhino feels no shame or pain leaving his dirty skivvies for all to see. He quite often steps directly on them to get where he needs to go. I think I love these kids !!!

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