Sunday, July 26, 2009

Family Dinner - Post Binky Fairy

This is what/who greated us tonight at family dinner. We were informed that the Binky Fairy had come and after taking the binkys away left this beautiful Ariel dress complete with accesories. Isn't The Princess beautiful !!!

This is The Princess, or tonight she wanted to be called Ariel.
I thought I saw a mermaid in the backyard !!

When I saw these I immediatly thought of some of the professional wedding photographers and how they take the brides shoes and stage them into these very dramatic and beautiful photos. I thought I would get my feet wet, in case I ever decide to be a wedding photographer, and take some pictures of these fabulous shoes that "Ariel" wears.

Aunti Iggy decided we needed even more Mermaid stuff so drew a lovely rendition of Ariel.

Oh this little man greeted us along with that mermaid girl, he is The Lamber. He is so cute I want to eat him.

This is what we had for dinner. Chicken and Pork fajitas. They were delicious. That looks like alot of meat !
Oh I made the dessert and it was great as well. I love box brownies !!!

This is Uncle Steve, he's the one that cooked the fajitas and is the daddy to The Princess and The Lamber. Thanks for the fajitas and The Princess and The Lamber.

This is the talented Mermaid artist, Aunt Iggy. She talks with her hands.

This is Aunt Nia, not because she does nia but because that sounds kind of like her name. She's the mother of the Ariel look alike Princess and The Lamber, she told the Binky Fairy what to bring !!!

Oh Grandpa, always ready to give a hug, and yet really doesn't enjoy having his picture taken.
He likes to kiss the kids ears off, people are starting to ask questions.

This is Uncle Scott, he had a viscous case of pink eye tonight so we all tried to steer clear !!!

These two toe heads come from different families, they are cousins, aren't they blond !!!

And this is The Little Man, he is also their cousin and yet looks nothing like the others.
I'm partial to him of course, he has my brown eyes.

Here he is again, big brown eyes and brown hair, I'll do a cousin comparrison sometime soon just to document how different they really are.

An attempt to capture all 7 kids at the same time with only a small amount of energy spent on wrangling !
Some are playing peek-a-boo while others are barely able to keep their tongues in their mouths. Not really a good representation of any of them, it was the only way to keep it fair.

We ended the evening with some gymnastics in the front yard.
Little Mama's attempt at a somersault, she is the stiffest kid I know.

This is the Little Man's attempt at a somersault, he on the other hand is as malleable as a ball of clay and about as crazy as a loon. I think he was born with very few pain sensing nerves.

Aunt Iggy, always the one to bend over backwards with the kids. She is helping The Bean try a back bend.

And to wrap things up this is The Bean doing a hand stand, which I must say she is really quite good at.
This is the way that family dinner usually goes, every Sunday night with few exceptions. When we are at Uncle Steve's the kids love to play outside, when we are at my house they are almost always putting on some sort of dress up show. It's interesting the different dynamics at each house and since Aunt Iggy and Uncle Scott have just moved into a new house we haven't had a chance to find out what type of entertainment will take place there but I can't wait !!

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