Monday, December 6, 2010

337/365 Exciting !!!

337/365 Exciting !!!
So things feel very busy just now(I will call you G). I'm slightly overwhelmed as usual. I haven't even started Christmas shopping and if Target today was an indication of what I'm in for I think I will just park my butt in front of the computer and shop from here.
Speaking of Target, today when I was there I acted out a little.
Really I made myself laugh hysterically, I know they thought I had a screw loose. So here's what happened. I had to make a pit stop in the ladies room, not unusual for me, only because I've had 3 kids and things just aren't like they used to be. Anyway, so when I walk in I hear someone talking, it just so happens they were talking on the phone while in the stall, I used my ultra sleuthy skills to figure this out. Well I'm sorry but that's just not ok with me, it really struck me as super yuck. I mean don't get me wrong there are plenty of times I've talked on the phone when I shouldn't have been and I'm pretty sure the person on the other end could hear the echo and just didn't want to bring it to light, but never in a PUBLIC restroom. Weird, odd, gross, whatever you want to call it.
It also just so happens that this Target has those super blowers that sound like an airplane engine going off. So in my fit of retaliation for such behavior I decided to turn that bad boy on and use it !!! It's one of those that gets super duper loud if you stick your hands underneath it. WOW what a party I had, then I looked crazy laughing by myself when I walked out of the Ladies room. Oh well, I don't think anyone I know saw me.

So the EXCITING title comes because I received this beautiful card in the mail today :

The color doesn't do it justice but I'm to tired to worry about that.
The top photo and the one on the bottom right are 2 that I took. I was so pleased and excited, I'm not sure why, maybe it's because this is the first time I've seen my photos out and about, and to think how many people will see them, wow.
Anyway thanks to the proud parents for sharing this little one with me, it's meant the world. 


  1. I hate to break it to you but you took all three! :)

  2. This story makes me laugh because I can just see you doing it! AND those are the loudest dryers - ever.
    They scare cash all the time but they sure do work at blowing the water off or discouraging a phone conversation.



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