Friday, December 17, 2010

344-347/365 Catching Up Again

344-347/365 Catching Up Again
We are the most privileged people ever. Our Christmas tree happens to grow chocolate.
It's true, as a kid my tree sprouted chocolate and now my trees do.
Every year the monkeys look for a tree with a special tag, this year I took a photo of the tag so we could remember which trees actually sprout chocolates.
Here's the proof.

We had a visit this week from kind of we will call her Aunt Maude. 
I think Little Mama really enjoyed playing Jax with her.
It was great to see her after 12 years and I'm so glad she decided to come !!!

The trees are almost finished shedding their leaves, I can't wait.
This tree is across the street, I get to look at it several times a day, aren't I lucky !!!

The monkeys decided to climb the tree when I made them come across the street with me to take some photos. Not a hard tree to climb, I hope the neighbor didn't mind.

This little monkey wasn't to sure about the climb.

Merry Christmas !!!

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