Sunday, December 19, 2010

348/365 Christmas Pagent

348/365 Christmas Pagent
Our church had the Christmas pagent today.
We were the lucky parents of King Harod:

To me he kind of looks like the Prince in the old version of Robin Hood.
I think it's almost uncanny !!!

We also had a sheep.
Next year he will be a cow.
This year he did really well and behaved beautifully.

Sorry but by far the cutest sheep ever.

 And then there is the star bearer.
Where would we be without this part of the equation?

She eats this up, I'm getting her into drama asap!

We had such a great time at this pagent. The music is great and the kids are amazing.
There are people who work so hard to make this happen and I am so grateful for them.
Merry Christmas !!

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