Sunday, December 26, 2010

356/365 High High Heels

356/365 High High Heels

Well really they are about an inch high but for her they were like jumping over the moon. I mean it has been like floating on a cloud after she got these, I wonder what kind of high it will be when she gets her first real pair of high heels. One drawback she noted immediately was that they don't click when she walks, but she says she can live with that. 
They are magical and sparkly and I never want to forget how much she loves them and how much I loved my first pair of heels !!!

On a more serious note, in this season of such abundance and over indulgence we had the opportunity to spend the morning this morning with some who aren't in the same fortunate spot that we are. I was thrilled when our church sent out an email about an opportunity that would include the kids. Instead of having services this sunday they decided that we would worship with a place called The Open Door Mission and the kids would be included. It's a place on the east side of town that helps men recover when they find themselves down and out for any number of reasons. We ended up eating a meal with Jeff, Wade and a smooth dresser in a gold suit who's name I didn't get. These men have all been in the program for over a year and are currently looking for work, some have relapsed and others can't find work because they have criminal records or no transportation. At one point Wade says to us he has a story to tell us, it was interesting to say the least. One of the many things that struck me was that these men who at first I thought we so tough, they have been through so much and survived, really looked like delicate old men. Some how they have survived things that any regular person wouldn't have and here they are in a Christ based program believing there is a reason they should be here. I pray that belief, that God loves them and has a plan for them, will help them to get their lives back. It was a blessed day for me and my family !!! 

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