Tuesday, December 7, 2010

338/365 Sunrise Yes I said Sunrise !!!

338/365 Sunrise Yes I said Sunrise !!!
So I have been going to a 5:30 AM Pilates class, they should call it a "roll around on my big butt while trying to do what the skinny strong people can do and not pass out class" but instead they like Pilates. I guess I'll have to live with that, I really like it. I always feel stronger and like my CORE has been strengthened, of course I also always feel like my guts have been ripped out and my legs are truly like Jello. I will survive......and I will keep going .
These are some shots I took on my way home just as the sun was coming up. Usually steam or fog is coming up off the tracks but today it was the most spectacular sunrise. One day I'm going to take my camera on a photo excursion after class. 
These are before and after, I edited them.

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