Friday, July 15, 2011

Gavins 9th Birthday

Yes my nephew turned 9 last weekend. Time is flying by. It's funny, I was thining about the birth order of all the kids and cousins and it seems to me like all my kids come between 6 weeks and 1 year after all their cousins. Ellie is 6 weeks older than Ryan, Gavin is barely a year older than Dylan and Sophie is 9 months older and Liam is 9 months younger that Tyler. Thanks heavens that baby Tristan is in a world of his own, no babies to close in either direction. I made myself nervous for a second. Anyway here are some pics of the celebration. It was a ball.

The birthday boy himself, he had a good time, I think.

His mother, who apparently can't read. All that education and she fails miserably, maybe she had some misplaced aggression? Who knows  but she truly enjoyed this. Next time we need to find her bumper boats!!!

 Two of my boys, Tyler had so much fun. I love seeing this, my hearts swells and tears come to my eyes.
Then I start laughing so hard I  have to run to the bathroom. The joys of motherhood.

Happy Birthday big boy, the traditional ice cream sandwich cake with army men all over. Last year there were red sprinkles signifying a little blood fro the army dudes. Love you Gavin !!!

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