Sunday, July 17, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday July 17

It's that time and I actually made it this week. It feels good, I really like to participate, it just doesn't always happen. So here are my entries for Scavenger Hunt Sunday over at  Ramblings and Photos.

 Black & White. So today in the shade it was close to 90, which really isn't that hot. The pool was actually invigorating, which at this time in the summer is unusual.

Reflections in Glass : This was tough, I had originally wanted something with the windshield in my car but it was dirty and I was resting today so that was a no go. I ended up really liking this kind of everyday picture because of the processing. 

Headlights : Muscle car for sure !!!

Seeing Double : HUH!!!!

Bare : Bare Feet get it??? 
I crack myself up. 

To see the rest of the fabulous entries check them out over at Ramblings & Photos.


  1. You've done a fantastic job. I love your reflections in glass the color. And your last shot is pretty cute too!

  2. Love your entries. Reflections in the glass is wonderful.
    I cannot wait to come back next week, I miss the search.

  3. Great shots, love the seeing double

  4. Great set, they,re all great, but I love the B&W, and bare feet shots. Love the colours in the reflections shot.

  5. Oh my goodness. Love the Bare...super cute. And I do love your reflections. The processing is super cool. Great job!!

  6. Great job with the prompts. I like the reflections shot especially!



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