Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Little Horsing Around!

OK alot of horsing around. The kids took a lesson while visiting their Oma and I went along for the sweat fest! It was so amazing to see them around these huge animals that I'm so terrified of. I mean really my hands broke out in a sweat, dripping almost when we first approached the barn. Ryan is a natural and Dylan is a natural talker, especially when she gets nervous. Anyway here they are.

This was such a sweet horse, so gentle and so old. Something like 18. 

Ryan loves animals and loves taking care of them. he is so very patient. 

Dylan did her entire lesson while talking a mile a minute. The teacher was so patient with her, kindly redirecting her focus. If only I could be that patient. 

There is the whole follow thru with riding. I mean the horse has to be groomed and fed some treats for a job done well. 

Ryan did most of the grooming on his horse while the teacher assisted. I'd love to find a teacher like this around here. 

She was teaching him how to control the horse with his body language and breathing. When he looked down and let out a deep breather the horse came right to him. It really was amazing. 

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  1. What a great time! Gorgeous photos...and fab job getting 'up-close and personal' with the horse :D



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