Sunday, July 10, 2011

On My Mind

This was the scripture that we looked at in church today. For some reason it struck me, I am not letting Christ live through me, I am fighting it at every turn. It would be so much easier to turn my life over to Him and choose those things that would be pleasing to God but for some reason I'm compelled to make other choices. Like to yell at my kids when I could very calmly speak to them, to get frustrated with almost anyone, especially those I love. This life is not about me and if I could live with a servants heart, I can only imagine. 

I think the reason this comes up now is I have been really distracted and let things really distract me from what my focus should be. I feel sometimes like I'm a juggler trying to juggle all these different people and needs and wants. It should be rather simple, maybe. 

The mission trip that went to Rwanda returned and had things to share, so very moving. They talked about the genocide and how something like 80% of the people there are under the age of 25 !!! They are rebuilding everything, from their laws to the courts, the schools and the communities. The part that made me cry like a baby was when the young man speaking talked about the act of actually going over there to serve. He said that he initially thought it was very expensive and the what good would he do, he could just send money. Then he put it all in perspective for me. He said if there was a genocide here would I want those people to help my orphaned children by sending them money or would I like them to help by giving them a hug. WOW moment for me, when I can relate in a personal way it's so powerful. So while I know that those kids do need financial sponsors no matter what, they also need to know love, His Love and that would mean physically touching them and smiling with them and spending time with them! I don't know where this leaves me or how I will change this but I feel like I must. 

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  1. Yeah - I think this message will stick with me as well. Thanks for sharing.



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