Sunday, July 31, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday July 31

I did it !!! Well kind of, there are a few pictures in here from the archives but I gotta do what I gotta do. I might say which ones but really it will be obvious by the stretch! So here are my entries for Scavenger Hunt Sunday over at Ramblings & Photos. Check out the other entries there.

Walking Empty Streets : So I wasn't walking and the streets weren't empty but it's Houston and it's hot and the streets are never empty so this is what I got. I certainly didn't imagine finding the Weiner Mobile in my rearview mirror !!!

Repeating Patterns : This is the climbing structure at The Houston Children's Museum, never go there in the summer !!! It was crazy, even for the most tolerant parents.

Floor : The floor in the gym before the 2nd basketball game of the day. I love to see the kids playing ball, it warms a mother's heart!!! Their dad and I fell in love over basketball games, GO ROCKETS !!

Then & Now : On the left was Then, Friday, when Tyler still had nice beautiful long bangs. Now, Yesterday when I came home from an errand, this is what he had done to himself. Ryan says he looks like an Umpaloompa, I tend to agree. But Lord have mercy that it was handsome Umpaloompa !!! I'll be posting more of this episode shortly .

Fingertips : That's Dylan with her come hither look, or with her attempt at a come here look. I'm scarred !!!or is it scared? Either one they are interchangeable in this instance!

So that's it for this Scavenger Hunt Sunday, head on over and visit Ramblings and Photos for more of the amazing entries! 


  1. Very creative work - I'm loving your first and last shots...and your repeating patterns. Great work!

  2. awesome,my favorite is Empty streets.

  3. I like the pose on your "fingertips" photo. Very cute! :)

  4. Great set! I am trying to figure out how one climbs on your repeating patterns; very cool shot! Love her fingertips.



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