Sunday, July 24, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday July 24

Wow Scavenger Hunt Sunday over at Ramblings & Photos, 2 weeks in a row for me, pretty good! I have taken a short hiatus from my camera. I haven't been feeling inspired and sometimes I actually dread carrying it around. Plus I'm loving my iphone and !!! So I really wanted to pick up the camera again this weekend and got some chances to do just that. Here are my entries for the week :

Music To My Ears :

I imagine when I stop hearing the car and the pow pow noises the music to my ears will stop as I know it. I love to hear them softly in their own worlds!

Hat :
OK Hats, I'd like to thank her for always being sooooo ready to get in front of the camera for me. I can't get Ryan to for anything. 

Clear : I just did a major kitchen reorg, mainly because I wanted to go The Container Store but also because we needed it, I haven't done any spring cleaning in years. So here are the CLEAR glass containers that I'm putting out to pasture. 

Out of This World : This apparently is the bus that takes the kids to Hogwarts. From my little fiery redheaded friend Thomas and his AMAZING Lego collection.

Sprinkles : A while back I saw something about taking pictures in a mason jar, so here are my sprinkles in a clear glass jar. I do love the reflection. (Looks kind of like a donut right) 

I enjoyed participating, to see some of the other great entries check out Rambling & Photos. 


  1. hi i like your blog..thanks for sharing this idea on last really enjoy this party with scavenger hunt..i like your pic...

  2. These are so great - I love all those hats!



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