Tuesday, July 19, 2011


So I had several kind of random thoughts passing thru my brain today. Here is one. I happened to take the kids to the grocery with me this afternoon. While I kind of enjoy that most other people find it annoying to have kids in their way, taking up space they need to get thru, I mean really sometimes I feel the same way. But sometimes I really enjoy having them help because they really do help. Anyway what I kept thinking as lady after lady looked kind of put out with my kids, here it is the big thought, ready? I kept thinking wow do you realize that when you are 80 and in a retirement home these are the people that are going to be taking care of you. You will want their patience right, You won't want them to scowl at you or yell at you or hurt your feelings. My kids didn't notice how "in the way" they were at the store and I made every effort today to not make them feel like they were in the way, but wow other people were in a hurry and didn't really remember who they are messing with, their future!!!

He is our future.


  1. Well he's pretty cute - bless his heart.

  2. That is such a good looking future. I do take my son to grocery and we have fun guessing words or guessing where things are. People will always complain of something, no mare what.



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