Monday, September 21, 2009

Family Dinner Again

We had the most yummy lasagne tonight. It was a sweaty time for all the kids as we ended up on the playground across the street. I also got a chance to use my newfound camera knowledge, since I took a class yesterday on how to actually use the camera and it's gazillion settings. I thought I got some pretty good shots for being such a beginner. Here they are :

 I think this is a passion vine and it smells soooooo good, but I'm sure there are people that are so allergic to it. It kind of smells like honeysuckle, or so I thought.

 What a hoot these 2 are. This is their version of "hands up your going down a roller coaster". They had a ball.

Look at Little Man. He is the only one that will get close enough to me for me to take a picture.

He is soooo handsome, I wonder if he will marry me when he gets older?

Here is the Lamber, he doesn't realize it yet but his world is about to change dramatically. I'm praying for him !

The tire swing

The big kids on the tire swing, man they like to go fast.

They have such a ball, I on the other hand am trying not to throw up while I watch them spin.

These pictures where straight out of the camera, I didn't change them at all, ok well most of them. I think after a few more years of practice I might be able to actually take a pretty good picture, hopefully before the kids grow up.

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