Friday, September 18, 2009

What a Day

Really it has been ok. We put Loomis down today and that has been a blow for everyone. I'm torn between feeling like I killed him to remembering how bad his quality of life had gotten. He was no longer able to make it outside to potty and he couldn't stand up for a whole meal. His legs would end up doing the splits and then I would have to lift him up when he started crying, just heartbreaking. It's hard to take your dog to the vet to be put down when he seems a little spry, although it's like I told Big Daddy, the stimulation from getting out of the house and smelling other dogs and stuff made him very happy today. I will miss him terribly, he has been with us since the beginning and I have been his mom since then. Big Daddy had him before I even came on the scene and that is about 15 years now. I love you Loomis, maybe you will find someone to play hide-and-seek with you in heaven !!!

This is the Loomis. Isn't he handsome !!! This is the stud (well he never was used as a stud) in his younger days.

This is Loomis a few days ago, I guess dogs get grey around the
muzzle too.

This is (l-r) Abby Loomis and Stray. What a bunch of spoiled dogs.

Things in perspective : Today after we had taken Loomis we came home and Little Man went off to play, which is not uncommon. I found him a few minutes later in a part of the house by the wall where he had also been playing yesterday. I had originally thought he was just playing in the sun by the door but what I realized today was that he had been sticking these plastic sticks in the light socket the whole time. That moment I then put all things in perspective, while I will truly miss the dog he was old and had lived a good life. Now my child is dangerously close to scaring me into wetting my pants and his life could have been forever altered in the blink of an eye. I loved all my dogs and will truly miss them and am really sad to be without them. I try to think about them frolicking in the flowers, chasing squirrels and chewing on raw hides.

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  1. Just catching up over here - I'm so sorry to hear about Loomis, but grateful you could make that choice for him. You guys gave him an incredible life and a dignified end.



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