Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Manners What Manners

It is a challenge to eat out with a 2 yr old, I know this well. In case anyone has forgotten I'll let you reminisce with a few pictures of the other night.

So it all starts like this. He's looking at Terri and saying "how many fingers shoved up my nose does it take to get her aggitated?"

And when just 2 fingers won't do, he figures out that there isn't another hole there to stick another finger in so he does the old "hey are you looking at me" nod of his head.

And that's when all control is lost and people start attacking one another right in the middle of the restaurant. I give her credit she held out much longer than I did, although when I saw him doing the 2 finger dig all I could think was "where is my camera and who cares about the other patrons gagging". There were no children harmed in this picture as you can clearly see that is a smiling grimace on her face and no her hand is not all the way around his neck she is trying to keep him from falling out of the chair.

Well I guess she wasn't holding on tight enough around his neck, I mean shoulder. Again no children were harmed in any of these pictures.

And then this happens when the food takes to long or the conversation is going well or people haven't finished their meal or he is just plain old ready to go.

I'll stop with this one thought, you know at this age all this behavior is expected and even looked upon as a learning experience for him. It's when they get a little older and they behave like this that I start to truly get a little grumpy, ok well that's really not the only time or reason that I get grumpy but I don't want to go there.......


  1. love the photos...and I just reposted while kicking bloggers butt !

  2. is this the new room at collina's



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