Friday, September 11, 2009

In My Rocket Ship

Sometimes there is a need to take off in a rocket ship. Little Man and I have started kind of a new ritual where we go on my bed and get under the sheets. We then take off (shake our bodies like we are having convulsions) and go on a long rocket ride.

Often Little Man stops to play a game he has brought into the rocket.

Often we just take a quick trip to the Moon for a little cheese, it gets really hot in our rocket.

When we have had a few giggles and a little cheese (and a few more convulsions) we land and come out for a breather.

I love these kind of special things that I get to do with the kids. Sometimes Little Man asks for some cheese and he wants me to come with him. I have figured out this means let's take a ride in our rocket to get some cheese.

The Rhino was always my snuggle worm and he would see how close he could snuggle to me, for all of about 10 seconds. Those are the memories that are so special. I wonder when he is 25 will he still snuggle with me??? I think it's just in his nature.

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