Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The kids are definitely into what I like to call sidewalk games now. They are so into jump roping that I'm going to buy them each their own "real" jump ropes. The Hula Hoop always goes in phases as well. Now is that phase again.

This is the way things started, a little Hula Hooping among the girls, then some others get interested and the party starts. Oma is an accomplished Hooper which isn't really surprising with her dancing background.

The Rhino can really get into it. He added a little extra flare to his face, really it doesn't contort like that unless he is trying to be cool and Hula at the same time.

Those lips are in the middle of PUCKER practice, any takers? OK I'll let you in on a secret, The Rhino gives the best hugs and the WETTEST kisses, she will be a lucky one when he finds her !!!

OK I'll take all them kisses !!!

Oh and Little Mama, she has the Hula Hooping down to a serious hip moving action. She should take belly dancing lessons, maybe Oma would like to do that with her cause heaven knows that my belly and belly dancing probably not such a good idea?

I'm all about the hand actions in these photos. It's one of those things that she does all the time and I know she doesn't have any idea what she's doing. The hand actions will be something that I hold close to my heart as being such a part of her.

Work it Little Mama !!

Little Man had to get in the thick of things. He wants to do everything that the big kids do so why not Hula Hooping. I'm sure he will be a Hooper shortly. Go Little Man !!

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  1. These pictures are adorable! I had to smile.



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