Tuesday, September 15, 2009

This is Play Doh

See this it's a piece of Play Doh. You can do all sorts of things with it and we love it in our house
Here Little Mama is giving a lesson on how to play with Play Doh. I guess the question is 'Who needs a lesson on playing with Play Doh?'

This is the Texas star that we teach our young-ins to reproduce at an early age.

The Rhino is trying to see if he remembers how to actually play with the Play Doh.
Oh yeah he remembers in short order
Little Man is thinking how interesting The Rhino is when he is making sea creatures out of his Play Doh.
Little Man cuts deep when he loves !!!

Even Oma gets in the Play Doh action.
I actually love Play Doh for so many reasons these are a few :
It's portable
If it falls in the carpet it will eventually vacuum up
It's non-toxic ( so all my kids were Play Doh eaters)
It smells fabulous, almost like cookie dough
It comes on sooooo many colors
It's soft
It's cheap
and many more wonderful reasons .


  1. I love that you take pictures of everyday activites. I don't get my camera out nearly enough! Especially of little Auggie, I have newborn, hospital pictures, then bam, first steps! Ha!

  2. Hey Megan, I am a 3rd child and I think that's why I take so many pictures . There are none of me as a child.

  3. Play Doh smells NOTHING like cookie dough you crazy lady =)



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