Wednesday, September 30, 2009

RoundTop, Texas

We had a very hot but very fun day shopping for "stuff" in RoundTop. I say "stuff" in quotes because really alot of it is junk. But it's true what they say 'One man's trash is another mans treasure'. Really the saddest part was that we saw stuff that we either own or have owned that people were selling and buying. Anyway it was great fun to get away with just me and Rob, no children, let me repeat NO CHILDREN. I'm not sure when the last time anything like that happened !!!

We saw lots of these copulas, I wonder where they all came from and what would one actually do with one if they were to purchase it?? I wanted one.

There were alot of old baby carriages as well, this one looks like the MacDaddy of them all with the sleek wheels. I loved the wheel and the wheel covers !!!

So sleek and modern !!!

I loved all the really old kids toys they had.....

I almost bought one of these 'old' banks for little man, he loves school buses, until I saw the Made In China sticker on the bottom and then I thought naw I can get that somewhere else!

these roosters were interesting

and these jars too

ohh and the yellow buckets, where to put a yellow bucket....

and these great boxes. There were all different kinds and they were so soft and pretty.
I had dreams about all the 'stuff' we didn't buy yesterday. There were several things we passed up which I wouldn't do today if we went back.......

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