Monday, November 1, 2010

292/365 G is for .....

292/365 G is for ......

So I think this alphabet thing has given me a temporary focus. Something to aim for every day. Sometimes it's a challenge and sometimes it's annoying constantly looking for things that start with G. Really twice now I've caught myself walking around looking for things in the house that start with the letter of the day. 
Anyway here is G :
Green, I actually took this yesterday but loved it. I can't tell which end is which, can you?

This is the Grasshopper that greeted us on the door when we got home. I think if these things didn't fly I wouldn't dislike them so much, kind of like roaches. All creatures that fly have a scary aspect that I have no tolerance for. 

Wow November has snuck up on us like a tornado. Rob's 40th birthday is tomorrow and it's hard shopping for the guy who wants nothing. He's not into electronics or golf or any of that. So I asked some girls at school this morning and they made plenty of suggestions, which I won't post here, but Jennifer came up with sending him with a bunch of notes to open on the hour every hour. So I did that, all handmade little cards that are all different and tell him how much I love him and what a stud I still think he is, even at 40 !!!!
I'm not far behind ;(


  1. the green caterpillar! I'd guess the 'eyes' would be the front, but perhaps that's just what the camofluage wants us to assume ;D

    What a great idea with the alphabet!
    And, Happy Birthday to Hubby :) Hope 40 treats him well!

  2. Oh what a sweet birthday idea... I hope he liked it. Tell him I said Happy Birthday- or I will the next time I see him.



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