Friday, November 19, 2010

312-313/365 Park Season !!!

312-313/365 Park Season !!!

Well park season is here again, LUUUUUUV IT !!! It means that we get to be outside often. Of course now we are dealing with homework, that's a beast in and of itself. Anyway we made it out yesterday with scooters in hand or under foot .

Little Mama was trying to do what they call "The Midget" . I have talked to The Rhino about this term, I think it's not politically correct anymore. But the term little people doesn't exactly fit the description of the trick.

I wanted to mention that I was practicing my panning technique on these photos. I'm still trying to figure out how to use all the features on my camera, I noticed yesterday, before I took these, it was creating huge files, like 35mb. I was shocked and couldn't figure out what had changed or who had changed what? 

Long week, I'm glad that Thanksgiving is so soon. The big kids have school on Monday and Tuesday but Rob will be home with Little Man and me so I'm very excited. 
He never takes time off like this ;)

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