Saturday, November 6, 2010

296/365 K is for ......

296/365 K is for ......
This is my niece and my sister in law.
I took some photos today for their Christmas cards, some of you may be getting one so I didn't post a family kiss shot. I also got a few kisses but I promised I wouldn't show them to anyone because The Rhino and G man said they would be embarrassed. 
I would never want to embarrass them, not me.

We took these at my brothers bakery, which is called Kraftsmen. I was looking through my photos from today trying desperately to make on e fit with K and found the kiss above. Then I noticed this one, with the K for Kraftsmen on the window shinning through on the curtains. Such a great find.
The bakery is in an old warehouse and haas an entire top floor that isn't used. It's very cool. That's where we took the photos. Such a fun day with family!!! 

Happy K day :0

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