Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Catching Up

Catching Up
I'm trying to catch up on a few(9or10) posts that I should have already posted.
I have about 36 days left in my 365 project and I'm not sure whether to be thrilled beyond belief or disappointed that I didn't stick so strictly to the rules. I know that Rob is absolutely shocked I have stuck it out his long and I thank him for his support. 
So here goes a few pictures, I'm still working on y & z, I know what I want to do I just haven;t made it a priority to sit down and do it.

 Still at the park, been there several days, I'm thinking about spending Thanksgiving there, by myself.

Another photo waiting for carpool.
I love this angle of her.

Family dinner at the park, again.
Stinky feet.

5 out of 8, not bad.

All happy but 1 really !!!

Star gazing.
I took these at night, they were probably a few second exposure.
Rob tried to remain still but he's a wiggly kind of guy.


And this looked so ominous, kind of scary.

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