Sunday, November 21, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 314-318

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 314-318/365

So this week on Ramblings and Photos the Scavenger Hunt Sunday words are The View Above, Something Hot, Something Cold and Sparkle.
I enjoyed focusing on this stuff. It sparked my interest in textures, I guess I was lacking in a truly interesting photo and so thought oh Ashley at Ramblings and Photos uses textures so why don't I try it again, it's been a long time since I've used them. So here goes.

The View Above 314/365

Something Hot 315/365
The guy at the grocery store warned me not to touch these and then touch my eyes, it could be painful is what he said. Habanero Peppers.

Something Cold 316/365 
I wish it could have been more creative.

Electronics 317/365
It's in my life every day.

Sparkle 318/365
I love sparkly things, big shiny jewels in particular. Today I had to settle for some
of the best glitter ever, thanks Martha.

 Happy Sunday!


  1. Your view, what a sweet kid to pose like that for you :) Your sparkle and your hot are awesome!

  2. Love that first one...and the sparkles are awesome!

  3. Oh what sparkles and lovely textures. I have to get a tube of glitter !

    leavesnbloom photography blog

  4. I'm so glad that this week's items inspired you - I really love your something hot - your use of texture is grand!

  5. Love your view above and something hot shots.

  6. I love the view above. It has so much depth.

  7. I love the detail of that glitter shot...such a pretty yellow hue too!

  8. Fantastic photos. And I've totally burnt my eye when cooking with peppers. I just tend to forget that common sense stuff

  9. Awesome shots. I particularly like the glitter! :)



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