Wednesday, November 10, 2010

299,300 & 301 /365 N, O & P stand for.......

299,300 & 301 /365 N, O & P stand for.......

N is for night. Now that it gets dark earlier eating on the patio becomes somewhat  of a dark experience.  The sun sets on us before we are finished. (And I wish my patio had a Pergola like this.)

O is for so many things, the first one that came to mind is Oversized. What you may ask was I initially thinking, well about the hot chocolate of course. Then I started looking at the photo and realised I'm in it and well it occured to me that I;m rather oversized as well. It wasn't really all that  much of a lightbulb moment, I mean I have been aware for a while of my oversizedness but I thought it was kind of hilarious. Please laugh with me !!!!

Finally P is for Pastries. Now I was just thinking if I didn't eat so many Pastries at Night I might not be Oversized !!!! Wow that was fun, or should I say good. I love the almond croissant ! 

I'm reading that book Women Food and god for book club and there is this story in there that I keep thinking about. It talks about a man who crosses the border on a donkey smuggling something to sell on the other side. For years the crossing guards know he is a smuggler and search him thoroughly each and every time, never finding anything. After many years the smuggler moves to a different country where he runs into one of the border guards. The guard asks now that he has relocated and won't be coming across the border can he please tell him where whatever he was smuggling was hidden. Do you know what it could have been and where? scroll down

The smuggler tells the guard he had been smuggling donkeys the whole time !


  1. Hey- I think I took that picture! How fun! I am glad you used it. And it is a cute picture of you!

  2. Oh I didn't even think about that. Yeah thanks, I guess I'll give myself credit for the camera?

  3. Yes- I love the expression - it is very YOU.
    and I am so glad you liked it too!



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