Saturday, November 13, 2010

302,303,304 & 305 Q,R,S & T

302-305 Q-T
This seems kind of like a boring group of photographs. I can't be off the wall exciting all the time, it's just not how I am. 
Here is little mama in her Ice Princess costume for Halloween.
I'm calling it Q for Queen costume. I had plans of getting her all gussied up again and taking photos posing her like a queen, didn't happen today.

R is rusty and red.
I think I might have posted one like this before. These big things of barbed wire sit behind the barn at the farm. I just love them.

S is for sunrise, which we now see sometimes. I know I had the kids with me when I took this but not sure where we were going that early in the morning !!!

T is for tail. 

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