Friday, January 15, 2010

14 & 15/365 And a rant

So my friend at 365 Before and After was talking about pictures SOOC(straight out of the camera),
which means they haven't been altered with Photoshop or anything. So I decided I would see what I can do with that idea. This is SOOC, I'm trying to understand the whole action and capturing action thing. It was also fun just being in the moment with my kids. There has been so much talk about "being in the moment" lately, maybe God is sending me a message and I'm finally listening?
So this was from yesterday.

This is today's photo and it has been ever so slightly altered. It was a little underexposed and I put a little vignette on there. Other than that it was the second train on the same tracks without the arms ever going up. LOVELY !!! Especially when you are trying to get somewhere. So I decided to be in the moment and take some pictures. I'm also interested in Panning, which is moving the camera at the same time as the subject is moving. It can be a really neat effect.

What about the word STAKE on here. Are they hungry? and just don't know how to spell? or are they staking their claim on a certain territory or is that someone's nickname? WHO KNOWS !!!

What I really wanted to go off about is the United Stated Post Office which seems to get crappier service inside all while raising the prices exponentially !!! I don't understand and am sure I'm not meant to but I HATE going there, always !!!
Have a great Friday !!!


  1. Hee believe the word is STRIKE, with the "I" drawn as a match (admittedly hard to see ;D)

    Awesome job with straight out of the camera stuff! Wouldn't be able to do that with my shots, I'm afraid! And panning....oooo, how I'd like to master that!

  2. AAAWWWW I kind of like Stake, but I guess Strike makes a WHOLE lot more sense now that I actually look at the picture ;) At least I know I can count on you !!!



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