Saturday, January 16, 2010

16/365 The Bathroom hand Dryer

It's like a fun house mirror,
the bathroom hand dryer that is. We spent a while
looking in it and making faces and drying our hands.
This is SOOC today as well, just b/c I thought it should be.

This is probably how I would have processed it. I like
that vintage green/yellow thing.


  1. Awesome shot!! Love both you guys actually have a hand dryer at home, or were you out in a public bathroom somewhere? (if you were out and about, gotta wonder what people thought of someone having a photo shoot in the bathroom! ;D lol)

  2. Well, If I had any more kids I might think about an industrial strength hand dryer, imagine all it would be able to dry !!! We were ALONE in a public restroom, can you imagine the looks there would have been !!! You crack me up!!!



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