Monday, January 18, 2010

18/365 Birdie Birdie in The Sky

So there are a few pictures here that I really liked but I chose this one. Actually
 the first thing that came to mind when I saw it was that saying my dad used to tell us,
"birdie birdie in the sky, please don't *^%$ in my eye"
Thanks Dad

Being MLK day and the fact the Rob works for a bank we ALL had the day together.
Usually we while it away at home doing house type stuff but today we decided to be different so we packed up and headed to Herman Park.
Honestly not the most brilliant plan, it being a national holiday that produces parades and all.
But the kids had a great time feeding the pigeons and ducks and occasionally snacking on some of
the "bird food".
Sneaky Rascal!!

But those pigeons really are hungry and they nipped at him,
Ok well really they just scared the @&*% out of him when they all took
off at the same time!
Frankly they scared everyone when they did that.

And The Rhino, well he couldn't help but try to touch a pigeon. It became a real game with him,
kind of like catching squirrels used to be.
Maybe I should have reminded him to wash his hands after he touched a few, but I forgot until just
this moment. EWWWW

I just liked this little guy, he seemed kind of lonely.

I just wanted to document the 3 scrappiest looking pair of shoes we saw today.
We sure did look like a motley group when we arrived. I even made a
comment to Rob about it.

My comment on this photo is really about how much the coloring in his hair
looked like the color in the post behind him. He has so many  natural highlights,
I just have alot of expensive highlights !

A Photo Op for the big kids.
Wow they aren't yelling at each other.

And then there is this. I leave the boys with Dad for an hour to run some errands and
return home to 2 very excited faces and some very drawn on legs!!!
He is telling me what he drew on himself. I did tell him we don't draw on our bodies and he
really wanted to know why. My best response was because we have paper silly!!!!

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  1. Ha! Hilarious!! Funny what they come up with to keep themselves occupied while dad "takes care of them" ;D Good answer about the paper, btw!...exactly the kind of answer that makes sense to!

    Great photos at the park...a beautiful family, scruffy shoes and all ;D



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