Thursday, January 28, 2010

28/365 M&W Sounds Like Rootbeer But it's Not

No really it's a word, the spell check told me so !!!
These 2 kids were so cute, it kind of makes me yearn for that sweet baby life, for
all of about an hour! My 2 friends let me practice taking some pictures of their kids.
I was very pleased since this was really the very first time I have done anything like this. 
All these are SOTC. 

This is little ms. M. She is sooo cute, I really fell for her. 
All smiles and such a happy baby.

I ended up absolutely loving this hair bow.
I'm not usually partial to them but her Do Rag,as her mama calls it, was so cute!

This is mr. W, that's a capital W. He is almost 8 months old and he took a little longer
to warm up to me but eventually he smiled.

He is very focused on the chew toy!!!

Ahhh there is his smile.
Handsome !

I had such a good time smiling and hanging out with these kids and their moms.
Thanks for letting me exploit your babies, I hope you get a few good pictures out of it. 

Any constructive criticism is appreciated.


  1. Oh, my...those babies are SO CUTE!! That Rag Do is just to die for :D

    As for constructive critisism, perhaps you could think a bit more about the lighting next time, setting up an extra lamp...or placing them in such a way in front of a window so the natural light can be used to it's advantage.

    But, honestly, WELL DONE for this being being a first time! I haven't really gotten brave enough to do official photo shoots yet with other people's kids...mostly just impromtu ones :D

  2. In regards to Tezzie's comments... I just think the lighting was better for the girl and somehow for W you did something different or had less window lighting.... I'll send you the link to my baby photos from last week.



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