Monday, January 25, 2010

24 & 25 /365

So I took this at family dinner yesterday.
It reminded me of when I was young, I used to loooove to scream, really loud.
I know my parents thought I was crazy, especially when I would walk in the house and really just
let loose. I mean it was from the bottom of my gut. I don't remember my moms reactions but
I do remember my dad thinking I was crazy, right dad?
It sure felt good to scream like that, and not be mad at anyone!!!
It's kind of sad we have to grow up.

I was inspired to look at these flowers, from me to myself, in the light of the morning sun.
(I love ya honey but you NEVER give me flowers)
This was my favorite shot.

1 comment:

  1. Those flowers are stunning! What a gorgeous photograph...the lighting and shadows are incredible and the colour is absolutely glowing. Wow!!

    As for the screaming...I wish my kids would do a bit less of it, although from their point of view it must feel wonderful to release some pent up stress!



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