Friday, January 29, 2010

29/365 Actions

29/365 Actions
I did it, I bought some actions. I always thought I could live with the free ones but OHHHHH

This is the before. The person taking the picture, me, needs a little help.
The child posing for the photo, is PERFECT !!!!

This is the after, which I LOVE !!! 
Really I though the before was pretty good until I ran these actions.
Now my goal is to get closer to the after straight out of the camera.

The Before.
I loved it.

The After I love even more!!!


  1. ohhh!!! congrats on getting some 'action' ;D Love the befores...and the afters just a little more!!

  2. Hmmmm. I don't know... I like the before on the feet one because I like the dramatic shadows on the bottom side of the foot. And the added depth of the darks in the blanket. With the after action it seems to lose some of the shadows which gave that image depth. I told Shawn I was so impressed with all your baby photos. They are amazing and I loved the lighting and the results you were able to capture! But I do agree with the after being better on the little girl. Is that your niece? She is a cutie!



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