Sunday, January 17, 2010

17/365 There' A Party Brewing !!!

Little Man's birthday party is coming up and I am in full mama crafty mode. I love this stuff!!!
And I love all this glitter plus it gave me something to do with the kids.
Oh and I already had all the stuff, what does that say about me?
These are the party hats and this shot is SOOC. I thought the colors came out well,
it was kind of confusing because the regular lights overhead and then the sunlight
from the back door were all shining in at the same time, but in the end they turned out fine.

Little Man !

1 comment:

  1. Wow! Fabulous colour!! I'm so totally impressed by your SOOC shots. All those light sources seemed to work for ya!...and I understand the Mommy crafty mode; my son and I have been planning his 5th birthday party since the day after his 4th (in April!). Just yesterday, he came to me and said; 'Mamma, when we have my next know my "light sabre party" -his choice of theme, not mine- I think it would look nice if we hung some sparkly light sabre things in the windows" ...where do they get this stuff!!!?

    Thanks for your comments on my 365 blog...sorry there's so much Swedish there, but I figure since that project is organized by Swedish speakers, I should be polite and answer them in Swedish and let them use their own language to express themselves; it's so hard to make comments about photos in a language that's not your strongest (I struggle when I leave comments for them on their blogs, but I think they appreciate when I try, at least!)...But, hey! Think of it as a daily Swedish least the daily category is translated! ;D

    Oh, yeah...that funky light effect was so a BIG mistake...I was having flash trouble, since I was taking a pic indoors, beside the window...the flash shot too strongly and the camera held the shutter open too long. The colours went way off which is why it's in b/w. But it was a pretty cool effect, even if it was a mistake!!!



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