Monday, June 7, 2010

146/365 Horseback Riding

146/365 Horseback Riding
Oma took the kids horseback riding. 
I was hoping that my intense fear of horses wouldn't get passed down to them.
I'm pleased to say that there was only a slight look of terror on LIttle Mamas face this time, better than
the first time when she cried? 
I also think it was kind of a cruel joke to get her on her horse first and then make her sit up there
for 10 minutes while everyone else was getting on their horses. Anyway MacPoof, the horse that is, 
seemed to treat Little Mama ok.

The Rhino seems to love to ride horses. He is very comfortable and likes to make them GO !!!
His horses name was Tess and she gave him a little attitude but luckily Aunt Danielle was there
to poke him with a branch !!!

And poor Aunt Danielle, I thought for sure this horse was going to give her trouble. 
She said that she had a nice ride, I mean after all the horses name was Mercy!!

Oma looks mighty fancy in her riding gear, really experienced too. 
Thanks Oma for taking the kids riding, they really enjoy that.
PS save some money so you can take Little Man riding soon.

I don't know what this horses name is but I was JUST trying to take a picture and he was either talking to me or trying to bite me? 
I think he needs a toothbrush.

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  1. hahaha! A great time was had by all, I see...I love that last shot; that horse was just teasing you and loved having his picture taken!



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