Saturday, June 12, 2010

151/365 Katherine Center

151/365 Katherine Center
That's her, the one standing in the back, the one with this fabulous hair that this photo doesn't do justice. Well she has written several books, the latest is called "Get Lucky", the other 2 are "The Bright Side of Disaster" and "Everyone is Beautiful"(this was my favorite).

excerpt: Get Lucky

 I grew up across the street from her and it's so interesting how our paths have crossed in our adult lives. Sometimes I think when you live in the same city your whole life, I did go away for college, then it really becomes a small town. I feel like I should always be "prepared" to see someone I know, and it's almost always happening that I do.

Anyway back to Katherine. I really enjoyed seeing her and getting a chance to see how her success had developed and how it affects motherhood. She seemed very grounded and like she tried to make her children and family her priority. I don't really know what else to say except thanks to Allison for asking me to come to the book club so I could touch base with Katherine and thanks to Katherine for being so warm and welcoming. It has left me with such a feeling of excitement  !!! I feel like walking around with my chest pumped up saying "I know a famous writer" na na ne boo boo!!! But that would make me look like a 4 year old and I'm 38 so.....
Check out her website at . She is such an interesting lady and has so much going on, it's well worth a few minutes to visit her site.


  1. This photo is adorable!!!! Can I put it on my website with a link to you?? What a fun night that was. I loved seeing you again! And I love your blog and your photos--so much goodness! And I love that you have Shutter Sisters and my pal Tracey Clark on your blog list. Houston is a small town, but the world feels like a small town, too, sometimes! I hope to see you again very soon!!! xoxoxo!

  2. Hey Katherine you can certainly use my photo, maybe I should have asked about your photo.(Sorry) I took one of Tracey Clarks online photo classes and loved the way it pushed me. Great to see you too!!!



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