Tuesday, June 22, 2010

165/365 The Dump

165/365 The Dump
This is my baby daddy, and I love him when he works this hard !!!
OK not the most flattering picture but the sky was so increibly blue and this is SOOC. 
It was very interesting to go to the local (place where you can take things) . It's not really the dump it's more like the heavy trash depository where you can take things that you might not have been able to get out in time. We had some wood that needed to be removed and so took it there.

I saw this old spring box mattress and thought wow it's been so long since I've seen one of those. The last time I saw anything like it was at our family house in the hill country. Those beds were ancient !!!
Then I got hollered at by the sweet guy who works there telling me that I'm not allowed to take pictures at the dump, WHAT. Do they do something there that we should know about? I don't get it, well really I do, we are so lawsuit happy I can only imagine what brought that rule about.

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  1. Amazing the stuff people throw out...one can sometimes find real 'treasure' at those places. Totally weird about the photo thing, but know what you mean about what brought it about!



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