Saturday, June 19, 2010

161/365 Building

161/365 Building

Well this is a building in the Medical Center. I just thought it was pretty.

I was thinking about something today and yesterday, I have recently come across 2 people, one a young man and one a young mother of 2. I must admit that I don't know them very well at all but I have seen an amazing quality they both possess and I want it. So here it is, they both listen with such an amazing intensity. At first I was a little uncomfortable, I mean who now days really listens to someone they don't know that closely. I think I listen and I might appear to  listen but these two are so focused, they appear to hang on every word and not be waiting for the next conversation or worried about who is walking by or what's going on around them. So that's my new goal to make every person I come in contact with love to talk to me because I'm such a great listener !!! What a difference they have made in my life and they have not a clue !!! That's amazing also.

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